Are you still showing any painting work on the internet? I always enjoyed it but cannot find your work since you stopped your blog [i.e. the one that was still in use more than a year ago]. Harry from Holland

Dear Harry,
Thank you very much for your message and your interest in my work.
I moved to London three years ago and haven’t been able to paint as much as I used to, hence the missing posts on my blog. But, the good news is that I just recently found a studio and hope to find enough time to work more regularly again. So, in the not too distant future I will be posting again.
I am thrilled that you enjoy my paintings so much that you actually took the time to tell me! That’s the feedback I need.

Thanks again and kind regards,


Graffiti Alleys

A few of downtown Toronto’s many back alleys, also known as Graffiti Alleys, during the summer. (2012)

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I accept Chirpify
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I accept Chirpify

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Beijing Hutong

Beijing Hutong

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